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Sunday, December 27, 2009

Critters in the back yard

It has been a long time, three weeks I guess, since I have posted. I tried a couple of times, but couldn't make adequate connection to the internet. I got a replacement Verizon aircard and determined that the laptop itself was slowing down. The laptop spent a few days, including Christmas, at the Geek squad getting a treatment of electronic Drano. A virus was found. I got it back, and the computer was quicker, but the aircard wasn't. An external antenna is on order. One needs about -75dbm of recieved signal strength to work properly. The best I can get anywhere in the house is 10 db short of that.
Both the deer and the eagles were here last week. It is pleasantly amazing that in such an urban environment that we can enjoy their presence. The Baxter and Belle picture was taken a couple of evenings before Christmas. We hope you had a good one, and we offer our best wishes that you have a fine 2010.

Tuesday, December 8, 2009

The leaves are turning!

Well, it's not a sugar maple, but it is a Bradford pear. We planted it three years ago. It is covered with white blossoms in the spring and its leaves turn red in LATE fall. If you enlarge the picture you can see the Christmas lights on the fence.
Since we are not traveling, there are fewer occasions to update the blog. But one came along today. Baxter's picture and story are featured on this week's home page for Yankee Golden Retriever Rescue. Check him out at