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Saturday, November 29, 2008

Home from Thanksgiving

Friday we all took a long walk on the beach. Again Belle thoroughly enjoyed herself as you can see. After some football we went to lunch at a small, seaside restaurant and ate outside. Cindy and I had she crab soup and shrimp and grits. Durelle also had the soup and a scallop po'boy. I took a few minutes to snap a couple of bird pictures. Huntington Beach State Park is a prime destination for serious birders. There were more foot long Cannon lenses than at Fenway Park...well, almost. Then some more football and each of us (not Belle) had a couple of turkey sandwiches. Saturday morning it was raining, but fortunately (Durelle's idea) we had packed all our outside stuff the night before. Driving home was rainy, but under two hours. To top off a wonderful week, the Dow was up almost 10%! We hope you all also had a thoroughly enjoyable Thanksgiving

Thursday, November 27, 2008

Thanksgiving Day

Well, everything went according to plan, and the dinner was a success. Durelle, Cindy and Belle had a long walk on the beach. Belle was able to get off lead and harass the pelicans. With something approaching 120 sites this place was almost full. In our walks I think I saw three empty sites. Those of you who have been here know that the sites are widely separated, and there is plenty of room for group activities. It was good to see so many large family groups celebrating the holiday. There were lots of bicycles, dog walkers, frisbee throwers and turkey fryers. The weather was pleasantly cool.
I took the pictures of our table, as promised, but...I failed to pack the cable to download the pictures from the camera to the laptop. My bad! When we get home, I'll correct the problem and attach the pictures. Sorry 'bout dat.

Wednesday, November 26, 2008

Thanksgiving 2008

Since Cindy had three days off for Thanksgiving (She's been with the Post and Courier five years now.), we decided to have our Thanksgiving at Huntington Beach State Park. It's an SC park an easy two hours north of our house. Actually, our first two choices: Edisto Beach and Hunting Island, were full when Cindy learned of her pleasant surprise. We filled up the tank before we started out. It took 90 gallons at a very pleasant $2.559. Our last fill up was in Gulfport, MS. Setting up was uneventful. The dish found the satellite through the trees although I did have to call DirecTV because some authorizations had expired on this receiver.
The next step was to mix up the brine with which to immerse the turkey overnight. Since there were just three of us, we are doing a 6.5 pound turkey breast. We have a less than full sized convection/microwave oven and just two range top propane burners, so some careful scheduling is required. Tomorrow morning Durelle will make the stuffing and set it aside to be rewarmed in the microwave while the cooked turkey is "resting" and I am making the gravy. One of the two burners will be used for a pot of small boiling onions and the other for the butternut squash. We'll skip the potato. The pumpkin pie will be baked while we are eating dinner.
The temperature at 4:00 is 68 and the sky is clear. We expect a cool night of 40 or a little less. Tomorrow I'll post some pictures of the feast.