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Saturday, November 6, 2010

Two weeks at "home"

     We have been back for two weeks and it is past time to post a blog lest my loyal readership forgets me.  We are getting caught up on all the usual chores that follow a long jaunt in the bus.  We've been to the doctor, the dentist and the vet (for Belle and Baxter).  Prescriptions have been renewed and some have arrived.  Teeth have been cleaned and I have a new temporary crown.  The pups are doing fine although Belle is slowing down unless there are geese or a deer in "her" back yard.  The bus is at the shop, mostly for wash and wax, but Dometic will ship on Monday a new toilet to replace the cantankerous one we lived with all summer. 
     Last Saturday we had a pass to the Nationwide golf championships at Daniel Island.  Mostly we sat in the bleachers behind the 17th green.  Bud had a promotion whereby a birdie on 17 meant 15 minutes of $1 beer.  The birdies kept coming all afternoon.  Bud wasn't suffering, however.  At a buck for an 8 oz. Bud Light, they were still making money.  When I got up to get our first beer the folks behind us tapped Durelle on the shoulder and said,"Aren't you the Colters [sic.] from NH?"  We had met once before at the model home in 2003 as we prepared to move here.  I had no idea that the backs of our heads were so memorable.
     Today we went to a sports bar north and west of Mt. Pleasant to watch the Army-Air Force game with the West Point Society of Charleston.  Since I had spent four years at USMA and five years at USAFA, I could go either way.  I was rooting for Army and we lost by 20.  The first picture was taken in the bar when Army was leading.  We got home for a supper of soup and sandwich and a wonderful sunset.  The flower is a bit of an oddball.  The local informal name is Confederate Rose.  I have no idea what it really is.  A neighbor gave us a couple of shoots before we left and they have been unattended all summer and are now six feet tall.  It's really a bit of a weed, but it suddenly produced a nice blossom.
     I just finished reading, and can recommend, "Porcelain on Steel" by Donna McAleer.  It is a collection of a dozen or so stories of women graduates of West Point. It is a diverse assortment of accomplished women and I think many of you would enjoy it on a number of levels.  Kindle $9.95.
     Keep in touch.
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