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Sunday, December 12, 2010

Update...Nuthin' special

     We are back at "home" in Hanahan,SC...have been for a couple of months.  We are getting ready for Christmas as you all are.  So, there are no great stories or great pictures.  The weather has been cool for SC.  We had one night when the pipes froze...not enough to break, but enough that not all the faucets worked when we first got up.  I have been going over to the RV storage area on base on a daily basis to make sure the batteries stay charged and the furnace is working.  Yesterday I was unable to start the generator so tomorrow morning I'll be driving the bus to my local service guy to get things squared away.  Tuesday morning is projected to be 18 degrees.  That's no record for us, but it may be for SC.  Tonight we almost finished off the turkey soup that remained from out fried turkey in Huntington Beach State Park.
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