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Thursday, January 20, 2011

Cloutier Update

     Well, we haven't been going anywhere or doing anything exciting, but I wanted to post something for those folks who, for some demented reason, would like to keep up with the Cloutiers.  The first picture is a closeup of one of the many blossoms on our Christmas cactus.  I have no idea what the Latin name is, but this plant is one of several that have been propagated from one that originally came from my paternal grandmother.  I guess the name came from the habit of flowering in mid-winter, but sometimes it is a Valentine's cactus.  The plant is approaching a century of annual blossoms.  The next was a daytime moon picture framed by our semi-dormant magnolia tree.  And the last is self explanatory.  I could only poke the camera out the door and shoot before this statuesque buck bolted into the woods.
     It has not been a typical South Carolina winter.  I know I won't get any sympathy from my New England readership, but we have set some new record low temperatures.  There was a respite today and Durelle and Cindy played golf.  Cindy had a good day, but still hasn't beaten her mother.  Baxter is doing fine.  Durelle believes he misses Belle.  I think she is imagining things, but who knows?
     Stay warm!
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