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Thursday, January 12, 2012

Cataract Surgery

     This morning we were up at o-dark-thirty to go down to the Roper Surgery center on Folly Road for my cataract surgery.  It was originally scheduled for a 1230 surgery and an 1130 show.  Yesterday they called and said that they had a cancellation and I had been rescheduled for an 0800 surgery with an 0700 (!) show.  I explained to no avail that I have been retired for fifteen years and that I didn't do sunrises or alarm clocks.  Since this is the same place that removed the bunion in October, I sure hoped they weren't a one trick pony.
     This has got to be one of the best surgeries on the list.  There is minimal prep...just eye drops for three days.  The surgery took fifteen minutes as did my time in the recovery room.  They had ten such surgeries scheduled for today.  They hooked me up so as to monitor vital signs and plugged in an IV for use by the anesthesiologist.  I was conscious so that I could cooperate with the surgeon..."left, right, up, down", etc.  There were bright, kaleidoscopic lights but NO pain.  By quarter 'til nine we were driving (Durelle driving, of course) home for breakfast.  My vision was instantly better, and the only post-op care is more eye drops.  Minimal inconvenience and instant gratification...what could be better than that?
     I can't post another blog without a picture, so here is one of Baxter with his Christmas pillow and another of a heron stomping around in the back yard yesterday.

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