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Tuesday, January 1, 2013

First Day of 2013

          A quiet holiday season has come and gone.  Quiet except for last night, that is.  (More on that later.)  You saw the picture of the tree and the dog in the previous post.  You probably noticed that the tree was not heavily laden with gifts.  Durelle and I agreed not to exchange gifts this year, and neither of us cheated!  The presents you saw were to/from Cindy, plus a token or two for Baxter.  The New Years Eve fireworks started early and reached a crescendo at midnight.  In spite of Melatonin, Baxter did not do well with the fireworks.  To give you some idea of the extent and proximity of the fireworks, take a look at the next picture.
    You can see that their launching pad was immediately in front of our house.  I suppose that, since it is only an annual event and is a southern tradition, we can live with it.  The next shot shows the aftermath of Baxter's attempts to hide in a display space containing a carved chess set and a bunch of CDs.
     This morning he is back to normal (for him) and we are expecting a long day of Bowl games.   Here's hoping 2013 brings you health and happiness...prosperity may be a bit more difficult.
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