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Friday, October 4, 2013

Contest is over

     It appears that no one is going to venture a guess as to the identity of the blossom on our crepe myrtle.  Today was a good day for critters in the back yard.  Durelle thought she could see a lump in the crocodile's belly that may have correlated with all the lost dog pictures on the area's telephone poles.  He moved before I took the picture so I "can neither confirm nor deny" the existence of a "lump".   His ribs are clearly visible, so, I guess he's not overfed.
     Also providing a nice wildlife presence to our backyard is our nesting pair of bald eagles.  There are frequent photo ops of one of them handsomely perched on a top branch in front of a blue sky looking positively regal.  Here's one of them taken this morning.
     Someday I'll get a picture of him in flight, perhaps with a fish in his talons.  In the meantime I'll happily settle for stationary pictures such as this one.
     Monday and Tuesday are doctors appointments which I hope to use to initiate some positive steps to restore my mobility.
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