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Wednesday, May 28, 2014

The First Day of Summer

     There are some that associate the first day of summer with the Memorial Day weekend.  Others are attached to the vernal equinox.  For us summer begins when the bus arrives in our driveway to be packed for the trip north for the summer.

      Well, here it sits waiting for someone to pack it up for the summer.  The first step was to see if the two old men could make it up the stairs.  I made it.  I drove it there.  Baxter needed a bit of encouragement.  He is +/- 14.

     That's a big step.

     He can make it.  Tomorrow we'll get started on loading it up.  Summer is here.

     Durelle and Cindy got back today from a trip to Atlanta to watch the Sox begin with a two game winning streak after losing ten in a row!


Dan Taylor said...

Looking forward to more travel posts. It has been a cool, damp and dreary spring hear in the northeast - bring some sunshine!

duane&george said...

Travel Safe. Looking forward to seeing you both in Belfast. The weather has been so dreary here we haven't moved our trailer up yet-maybe next week. Duane & George

Melissa Cloutier said...

Have a safe trip! Thanks again for letting us Aussies stay at your place while we visit Charleston! Melissa