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Wednesday, May 4, 2016

Solar Power

     As anticipated in my 15 Mar post, we are now on line and generating power. SCE&G installed the bi-directional meter yesterday.

     I will be paying a fixed amount each month to Vivint Solar, but the reduction in my electric utility bill should be greater than that amount. Anyway, that's the plan.
     Yesterday was a tough day on my back. I had two doctors' appointments: PCP in the morning and neurologist in the afternoon. That meant a lot more walking than usual plus climbing into the Jeep a few time and sitting in the straight chairs provided in the waiting rooms. Then I had go out back to take the pictures of the meters so that Vivint could remotely enable the system with my help on the mounted control panel. When I had finally collapsed in the recliner for what I hoped would be the last time for the day, Durelle said that the cloud formations were a good photo-op. They were late afternoon cumulus build ups whose cloud tops were illuminated by the already set sun.

     All's well in Charleston with daily alligator sightings on the bank to the retention pond in our back yard.
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