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Tuesday, November 1, 2016

An Unfrightening Halloween

     As is my custom at Halloween, I one Adirondack chair while Durelle handed out Snickers bars from the other. We saw very few teenagers at our house or at the neighbors. Most of the Trick or Treaters were pre-school to elementary school. They ranged from this age...

     to this.

     Almost all of the pictures were candid, but there was one posed.

     It was a perfect evening for Halloween: low 70s and low (!) humidity. This is a shot looking north up Chimney Swift.

     I saved a couple of dozen out of fifty some shots. I'll include just a few of them here. If there is a theme here, it is that these are cuter than the usual critters I shoot in the back yard.

     You'll notice a gender gap among those that like to dress up and go door to door. Here's a couple from the minority.

     We saw no evidence of any pranks. Does that say that the current generation of youngsters is better behaved than ours? At least in this middle class neighborhood, I guess it does. I'l close with a couple more.

          All's well in Hanahan, SC.
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