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Tuesday, April 11, 2017


     As frequent readers know (I almost said, "loyal readers", but that might be tempting fate.), we have frequent alligator sightings on the banks of the big retention pond. The pictures typically are not dramatic enough to be blog-worthy. They are usually on the far bank away from the housing, and there is nothing nearby with which to compare size. I've asked Durelle, but she has declined to wander over.
     A couple of days ago one swam over to our side and climbed out on the bank. There still wasn't a yardstick, but eight feet would be a good estimate. Here is the sequence:

     There are a couple of things to notice. In the fourth picture I caught him walking. It's the first such picture I have taken. They usually are immobile for hours at a time soaking the heat from the sun into their cold-blooded bodies. And, look closely at the last picture, Doesn't his (her?) belly look like it contains a recent large meal?

     On the health front, I have changed my PT from orthopedic to mostly balance issues. These gals are real specialists, and they're good. Durelle will be getting a second shot (epidural?, nerve block?) next Thursday. It seems to help.

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