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Monday, October 5, 2009

Log "cabin" and foliage

Today we took a fall foliage drive from Brookline, NH to Royalston, MA via back roads through such metropolises as Ashburnham, Rindge, and Fitzwilliam. Sister, Marian and her husband Eldy Taylor are three years into this project of building a very special log home on a remarkable site just west of Royalston. The long range view picture was taken through one of several picture windows. The short range foliage shot was taken across Lake Potanipo here in Brookline. The first picture is an "identify this object" shot. It was taken in Brookline, also. It is an old cylindrical structure about a yard in diameter and six to eight feet long. If you know what it is, send me a comment to the blog. The first correct answer wins a free ticket for my next batch of Frogmore Stew. The answer will appear in the next blog posting.


Mark Cloutier said...

I guess it would help if I actually posted the comment to the right post :)

my guess is that this is a old time roller for dirt roads to smooth them out.... fill it with sand, tow it behind a horse or oxen team and you have a functioning "steam" roller, sans steam

erndr said...

I would say it might be a "snow" roller which preceeded the snow plow. This would pack the snow down to create a "snow road"

....of course, the dirt roller sounds good too.

Eleanor & Dick