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Thursday, October 8, 2009

Old Home Week

Today was a fun day. We both had some errands to run, but in the afternoon we went by our old house in Nashua to meet the new owners and our old neighbors. As some of you know, the house at 137 Shore Drive was a very special place. We designed and built it on the south shore of the Nashua River. We worked with a designer and created a special place. I could wax eloquent about all the innovative features, but I won't. We built it in 1990 and sold it to a couple in 2004. He had a heart attack, and she lived in it alone for five years. Yesterday she sold it to a couple who had transferred from Hill AFB to Hanscom AFB. Today we got to see it and point out many of the unique and invisible features. It was so pleasant to see that the place had been well cared for and that it was just as nice a place as we remembered it. It was also rewarding to see how much the new owners appreciated the effort and ideas that went into it. We also met several of our old neighbors and enjoyed getting up to date. Baby Kelly is now twelve! The picture today was taken a few days ago and shows our rig at the Field and Stream RV Park in Brookline, NH. Note the mix of trees.
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