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Friday, November 13, 2009

Friday the 13th

Good morning. I thought you might enjoy this shot of a couple of our noisier backyard neighbors. I would estimate the range of this picture at about a quarter of a mile. Last evening we broke down and turned on the heat for a couple of hours, but we should be back into the 70's this weekend. The residue of Ida went north of us, so our rainfall was modest compared to North Carolina.


erndr said...

....another outstanding picture! We, too, missed Ida. I've always wanted to be around during a big storm (not necessarily a hurricane, mind you) but we had to make a trip down to Clearwater and missed the excitement. Ida took away a major portion of our beach and duneso--it would be nice of the next storm would bring back all the sand we lost.

Ann said...

Just catching up. We got the remnants of Ida. Not bad at all. I love the picture. Are they nesting near-by?