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Sunday, November 1, 2009

We're Baaack

This will be another quick note. Here we are in November and Daylight Savings Time is over. So we took the dogs for their walk when it was a bit darker than it might have been. The sky was spectacular. Trust me when I say the camera did not do it justice. Plus, there is a full moon tonight, although it is presently behind some very attractive clouds. The picture is taken from our back porch.
We have been back for two weeks. The bus is having repairs made to my faux pas this fall. We are settling in to a new routine. Cleaning up the house after five months is additionally inspired by the fact that Mart and Ann Grover will be visiting shortly. They are storing their fiver in FL and will be heading north to winter in New England (yuk) with Ann's mother.
Baxter has learned his new name, and we have learned via the embedded chip that was registered in 2001 that he is at least nine. Although in vet terms, he himself is geriatric, he has pointed out that Belle moving a bit slower. She still runs, but not so far or so often. Belle's cyst removal on her right elbow went fine. It was cancerous, but the vet said it was of a type that almost never metastasizes. Baxter is also settling into a new routine that is becoming comfortable for him. We have started to use an anti-barking collar that gives him a squirt of citronella when he barks. It is working.
I'm not sure about a non-traveling blog, but let's see what happens.


Esther said...

F and D, I did find the blog and yes, that is a beautiful sunset.

Ted and I arrived in Arizona Thursday night. Terrible wether when we left Fargo, but very nice here on arrival. Taking a few days to settle in. Can't get the Vikings/Packer game so sit and wait for an occasional announcement. 80 some degrees here. Couldn't ask for anything more! Have a good winter. Esther & Ted

cindycloutier1 said...

As I was walking into work, the sunset was past peak, but still pretty. One of our photographers was walking out and she gasped: "What an awesome sunset." I told her she'd actually missed the best of it and she regretted not getting a shot from the roof.

Dan Taylor said...

I have always had a happy memory of Grandma Cloutier enjoying and commenting on a similar sunset from the kitchen window in Otter River.

erndr said...

OUTSTANDING SUNSET! Now we would like to see more pictures of our Belle and Baxter...


Ann D said...

I'm looking at a spectacular sunset myself right now. Glad to hear my Belle's cancer is out. You won't convince me she's slowing down.