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Monday, February 22, 2010


No pictures yet. We arrived at Tyndall AFB near Panama City yesterday afternoon around 1:30 CST. The rain threatened but held off until we went to bed. It is nice to break out the bermudas and to take long walks with the dogs. I also enjoy the unique sound of "my" F-22's. We have already met a number of folks who have been here with us before. We are in "overflow", but overflow at Tyndall is better than regular sites at some other places we have stayed. It is well graded with new crushed stone, 50 amps and water (no sewer).
Our first night out we stopped in Lake City FL at a Passport Park that we have used before. It has an enclosed dog run that is very convenient. The first day was around 300 miles and the second was 230. It was a little longer than necessary because we elected to use the coastal route 98 through Apalachicola instead of I 10. There is a long stretch of modest beach houses built up on pilings. It seemed as if every other one was for sale; some by realtors, some by owner and some by banks. Apparently the economic situation has hit here pretty hard.
We'll leave on the 3rd for a Fort Benning Fam Camp a little west of here in Destin.
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