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Friday, March 5, 2010

Destin Florida

We arrived at Destin on Wednesday the 3rd. It was a long, tough 65 mile drive from Tyndall AFB! It seems that Fort Benning, GA has a recreation site and campground here. It's our first time, and I must say that it is as nice a FamCamp as you will find. There are complete hookups with 50A and concrete pads on the water for $19 per night. I have always maintained that the panhandle beaches of Florida have the best sand around. We are parked next to Bernie and Ann Dunn, and the Roths are currently using their beachfront condo here. The first night Ann hosted the six of us with a pot roast. It was too cold to eat outside so we all ate in their LaPalma. Notice the beach attire at 1730 in the pictures above. The temperatures are in the 30's overnight and have yet to reach 70 in 2010. We are told that's a first. I should have used a flash on the sunset picture of Durelle.
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