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Sunday, July 3, 2011

Larkspur, CO

     Yesterday was a long, tough day on the road...21 miles, 30 minutes, and 8.1 mpg!  Our thirty days at USAFA were up, and we weren't ready to leave the area yet.  So, we got on I-25 at North Gate Blvd. (exit 156) and drove north to exit 174, Castle Rock.  I didn't even bother to hook up the Jeep.  Durelle drove it.  All of the pictures were taken from inside the bus at our campsite.    The last one was taken from the bathroom window.  Most of the sites are carved out of the hillside and are surrounded by scrub oak that is 6-8 feet high.  We are afforded nice views with unusual privacy, but it is a bit tougher walking Baxter up and down the hills.
     Today we will go into Larkspur for their annual Renaisance Festival and go back in time seven or eight centuries.  I'm told that the activities even include jousting.  I hope to get some good pictures for the next blog.  Stay tuned.
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