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Saturday, December 17, 2011

Down Time

      As some of you have noticed, it is difficult to crank out an interesting blog every couple of days while we are not travelling and, therefore finding new things on a regular basis.  Nonetheless, I want to keep the blog alive because several folks check in frequently to see what we are up to and because I enjoy sharing our experiences.  Forgive me for not doing it via Facebook.  Repairs to the bus are proceeding slowly, but that's OK because so are we.  I do have a few pictures.  I recently got a pretty good result of trying to get a portrait of Baxter.  See what you think.
       As is the case with most of you, we are getting ready for Christmas.  For decades we ventured out into the snow to cut our own tree.  In New England, Alaska and Colorado we would venture forth in search of that perfect tree.  With a thermos of hot chocolate, a couple of kids and a pruning saw we gathered our trees.  Later we bought live trees from athletic booster clubs and other meaningful charities.  Alas, with age, we bought an artificial tree.  I must admit that it looks better than some of those for which we struggled so mightily.  Below is this year's version.  Modern though it is, it has decorations which date back to the forties.

     This is December in South Carolina.  It exhibits the weather for which we left New Hampshire in 2004.  As an example, the picture below shows our backyard Bradford Pear which displays our version of the Fall colors.
     If I may be permitted one more backyard picture, below is another shot of our resident eagle. I never get tired of watching him (or her).
     The post-op situation on the bunionectomy surgery is fine.  Healing is complete and comfort is restored.  There is the ongoing issue of physical therapy to restore complete range of motion, but I am pleased with the results.
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