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Wednesday, December 7, 2011

Bird Watching in the back yard

     There are enough things flying around in our back yard that the camera is always ready.  Most often I'm in such a hurry to catch a good photo op that I'm not holding it steady enough.  I did catch one of the eagle a couple of days ago just as he was about to lift off from a branch.  A half second later I would have captured the spread wings.  Oh, well.
     This morning Durelle yelled at me to get the camera, and I caught another large bird in the back yard.
     This big bird is a C-5.  It routinely carries multiple armored vehicles to and from the "sandbox".  It has made million pound takeoffs and has a very distinctive engine sound.  That is what gave me the lead time to catch this picture.
     No news or progress on the bus.  Parts are on order, but the other six damaged rigs are needed before ours is, so I'm letting Wayne McCoy manage the schedule.
     Remember Pearl Harbor...seventy years ago today.
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