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Tuesday, February 5, 2013


     Guess what?  Another food blog.  Tonight to celebrate(!) my 74th birthday we went to Al Di La, the best if not only good Northern Italian restaurant in a land of great restaurants.  On previous occasions I got osso buco, but it was not on the menu tonight.  We had four courses, although we each only had three.  My first was Carpaccio and Durelle's was a bruschetta salad..  Here's a picture of my Carpaccio.
.     For the second course I had tomato basil soup.  It was outstanding, Ann.  Durelle had asparagus risotto with seared scallops. 

Durelle did not have the third course, but I had a veal/pancetta dish from local veal that would melt in your mouth.

     The fourth course was a house made Tira Misu.  This was for Durelle, although I had a taste as she did of my veal.
     We finished with decaf for her and a cappuccino for me.  The wine was a Chianti Classico. 
     As you can tell, it was a nice meal, and for the next three months I will be as old as she is.
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