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Saturday, November 2, 2013


     Over the past few weeks I have posted pictures of several examples of the assorted wildlife that has wandered into our yard.  Thursday there were several more strange examples See the pictures below.

     It is also about time for an update on my shoulder.  After the "excitement" of the immediate post-op period, recuperation has settled into a more conventional routine.  The arm is still in a sling and will be for the foreseeable future.  Initially, the PT will be limited to "no-load", small movements well within my comfortable range of motion...which isn't much yet.  I'm afraid it will be a while before I can begin to rebuild it.  Last Tuesday I had an interesting post-op meeting with the guy who operated on my shoulder.  'Twas a bit humorous.  After 15 minutes of my telling him about tape damage to the skin, several unsuccessful IV attempts, an IV in the neck, a dye-assisted CT scan and two days of a suppressed lung function, he interrupted to say, "By the way, I successfully repaired a completely torn rotator cuff."  I had to laugh.  He thinks that if I am careful, I should regain full motion and function, but he is talking in terms of months. 
     I'm mobile; I can drive; and I can do most everything I need to do.  Although I managed to shave left-handed this morning, I asked Durelle to trim my sideburns.  She has taken over some of my chores temporarily, but I hope that will be short-lived.  The bottom line is that I am fine and recuperating (slowly).  The hip may have to wait a while.  Physical therapy starts Monday.
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