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Thursday, November 7, 2013

Thirty Thousand

     This is a picture of one of the many blossoms on our Confederate Rose, hibiscus mutabilis.  It is pretty, but the da#### thing is still a weed.  In three years it has grown from a mere cutting to where it is taller than our eaves and is covering our back door.  Plus, it was planted inches from the foundation.  When it is done blossoming, I'm cutting it down.  I MAY save a cutting for another location.
     The real reason for today's post is to note the milestone of 30,000 page views.  In the world of professional bloggers that's a day's tally.  In my world it is a few loyal readers who have stayed with me for over five years.  I will take this opportunity to thank you all...or by now I should be saying "y'all".  At any rate, thank you very much.
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