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Wednesday, January 29, 2014



     Pardon the tongue in cheek, but the headline story is true.  The State of the Union coverage was almost entirely relegated to page six!

     Last night we had one of those meteorological phenomena in which there is cold air and moisture aloft, below freezing temperatures on the surface and a layer of warmer air in between.  So, as the snow fell through the warmer air, the result was an all-night, misty rain that froze to most surfaces.  Early in the morning the warm layer went away and we transitioned to sleet and then very light snow flurries.  There is not enough snow for the little ones to build their first snowman...yet.  It will stay right at freezing all day and go down into the upper teens tonight.
     A local columnist observed that newcomers will laugh at us, but the natives really aren't prepared for such weather.  Speaking of "prepared", our capital city, Columbia, has nine (!) count 'em, nine snowplows.  Among other things, Charleston is a city of bridges.  Guess what?  They are all closed.
     Baxter had a spring in his step, but it was probably due to the crunchy grass.
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