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Friday, February 7, 2014

Is it spring yet?

     Well, I have returned from the cardiologist.  The big question, of course, is, "when can I safely take a break from the blood thinner Plavix so that I can have my overdue hip replacement surgery (and my cataract surgery for that matter).  The answer was a very imprecise, "April".  I'll take him at his earliest word and schedule the surgery.  Of course, the orthopedist won't go ahead without a release from the cardiologist, but at least I'll get things started.  The hip is NOT getting any better.
     We sat out back this evening watching the southwestern sky change colors.  We are conscious of, and sympathetic with, the folks in the northeast who are not enjoying the winter season as much as we are.  Here's another one.

     Our next door neighbor, Tom Galton, took a few "on the run" pictures of a coyote walking along the back edge of our retention pond next to the woods.  It's the same area where I have taken the pictures of the deer.  They are a bit fuzzy as might be expected with an excited, hand held shot, but it is definitely a good sized male that looks as though he hasn't missed many meals lately.  I'm sure of the gender because of the second picture.

     Given the size of the piece of wildlife habitat behind us it comes as no surprise that there would be coyotes back there.  Hopefully I can get a better shot, but this is the first time they have been seen here.  Durelle has to bring in the bird feeder at night because, if she doesn't, it is pulled down and the contents scattered.  I can't picture a coyote eating bird seed.  I assume that they are carnivores and that a raccoon is the culprit.
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