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Monday, April 21, 2014

Another boring update

     It is now nineteen days since the hip surgery and much has changed.  I transitioned from the walker to a cane at day 15.  For those of you that think it would be unnatural to hold the cane on the strong side, you are wrong.  I was surprised how natural it feels.
     This morning, while doing some of my exercises, I saw our bald eagle out the window.  He was perched in a tall pine across the pond in a position where the sun was emphasizing his white head among the pines.  So, when I finished my exercises (and not before) I got the camera and slipped out back to see if he would wait for me.  He did.

     We are so fortunate to have such an abundance of majestic wildlife in our suburban back yard.
     This evening I got up the nerve to accompany Durelle on her evening walk around the block with Baxter.  It was the smallest block available, but it took a half hour.  The martini tasted good when I was done.
     Cindy and Durelle are going clothes shopping tomorrow.  Cindy will have to either buy some smaller britches or some suspenders.
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