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Saturday, April 5, 2014

Post Op

     I really don't want to turn this into a medical blog   A food blog is bad enough.  It's difficult, however, to find material for a travel blog when you are only a few days post op from a hip replacement.  Bloggers who make a living at it such as Adventurous Kate have a few episodes "in the can" to pull up when the need  requires.  I have always been a blogger on a day to day basis.  So below is a shot Durelle took that fits many categories.  It was taken 82 hours post op.

     So, why wasn't the lid up to show an elegant, gourmet dish?...because all there was in there were some brats.
     I expected to whish through this hip thing like a dose of salts through a duck. I was planning to attack the therapy with vigor, as JFK used to say in our day.  No such luck. I was hurtin' first day at home.  Sitting in the recliner was pain-free, but moving around was painful.  In bed the first night with a nearby urinal was an almost constant toss and turn.  Can you imagine multiple trips to the john with the walker, picking my way over Baxter?
     Today the lead therapist for the local home therapy folks arrived and set me straight on a number of scores.  I'm already feeling better, walking better and able to get some things accomplished.  Today I assembled a sturdy stool so I can continue to work in the kitchen.  It was built in Vietnam with Vietnamese instructions that had been badly translated into English.
     The therapist suggested that I sleep in the recliner for a while.  Remember, the difference between a terrorist and a therapist is that you can negotiate with a terrorist.
     I think that there are more people who care how I'm doing than care about where I've been.  That's my story and I'm sticking to it.
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