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Thursday, November 13, 2014


        A recent evening offered a propitious opportunity of hazy clouds and imminent showers that just might present some good photo ops.  The opportunity presented itself to the southwest and toward the photogenic treeline.  So, I wandered out back and took the shot below.

     While I was there, the phone in my pocket rang.  It was Durelle on her evening dog walk through the neighborhood.  She said that there were some "pretty skies" out front and perhaps a rainbow.  I do what I'm told. I went out front with camera (and martini) in hand.  Sure enough there was a rainbow forming.

     It wasn't bright, but it was complete in that it was visible from end to end.  Even zooming out to the maximum 35mm, I could not get both ends in the picture simultaneously.  I framed some shots at one end at a time.  As I did so, the rainbow got brighter.

     After a few minutes it slid eastward until it was almost pouring down Cindy's chimney.

     If you look closely, over the tree, you can see the weak beginnings of a double rainbow.

     The second rainbow is also barely visible in this shot halfway between the main rainbow and the flag.  Yes, I know I should have taken it down at sunset, but I was busy!  
     Life is good.
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