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Sunday, November 2, 2014

Feeding the Monster

     As Bud Wilkinson, the legendary football coach at Oklahoma, once said, "When you have created a monster, you have to feed it."  Feeding a "travel blog" when you're not traveling sometimes feels like that.  Most, if not all, good blog posts start with a few good pictures.  I made a couple of false starts in the past week; now I'll attempt to turn them into an enjoyable post.  One morning I was up early enough to see the sunrise quickly evolving in the east, so I snapped a couple of pleasant shots before firing up the coffee maker.

     To me there are a couple of notable aspects to that sequence: first, only a few seconds separate the three pictures, and second, the roofline forming the horizon is Cindy's.  Nice, but not enough to make a blog.
     A few days later, well after sunrise, I spotted what I thought was the head of a"our" bald eagle in one of his favorite roosting spots.  I grabbed the camera and headed out only to see one of the immature eagles swooping over the water.  I went to maximum zoom and actually succeeded in keeping him in the viewfinder for several random shots as I hoped for the best.  That done, I looked up at the bald eagle.  The telephoto lens revealed that the flash of white that was still there was the fractured end of a freshly broken branch.  Oh, well.  At least there was the big ole 'gator across the pond and an egret practically at my feet.  Before I discovered that my eagle was only a branch, I thought that the fact that I could have all four of those different wildlife shots taken in our back yard within a span of two minutes might be the basis for a blog.  Alas, the first shots of the real eagle were unusable.  He was moving.  I was moving, and the camera was on telephoto.  That's a recipe for blurry, useless pictures.  So all I had left were the two below.

     Finally, along came some wildlife pictures to save the day.


Ann said...

All shots are wonderful. You hit all my favorites.

Jackie Fare said...

Well I just have to say, It's about time! Since YOU created the Monster, I guess you're just gonna have to keep feeding it for lost souls and Blog Stalkers such as myself ;-).

Great post!

Jackie Fare said...

PS: I posted at 7:11 PM. Youre blog says it was 4:11 PM. That's a lot of daylight savings!