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Saturday, January 24, 2015

Lunch with Maine camping buddies

     Today was a most enjoyable Saturday afternoon.  The other Allegro Bus that parks at the Moorings is occupied by Debra and Myrt.  Today we found a wonderful restaurant about halfway between our winter residences.  Bistro 217 in Pawleys Island, SC turns out to be a world class restaurant.  We both arrived early.  On the way in we met a couple just coming out.  His golf cap came from the Masters in Augusta, so Durelle asked them for recommendations.  When asked about the hat the gentleman said that this year would be his 25th consecutive year in attendance.  That gave credence to his assertion that he had dined all over the world, and the Bistro 217 was in his  top five.

      Three of us enjoyed their tomato, crab and jalapeno soup which lived up to the rave reviews from the waitress and from the departing golfer with the Masters cap.  We all saved room for dessert which was particularly unusual for me.  They make their own ice cream, Eleanor.  I had a double dip of roasted banana ice cream in a pewter martini glass.  So, if you are making that seasonal jaunt north or south on 17 to avoid I-95, tell your route planner to schedule a stop in Pawleys Island.  Everyone but me left with a doggie bag.
     On a sadder note, my '86 Corvette appears to have called it a day.  When a good loud click from the starter solenoid failed to turn it over, even with a charger attached, I figured I needed a new starter motor.  Wrong!  The starter motor was trying, but the engine was seized.  Manual attempts to rotate the crankshaft were successful in one direction but not the other.  A bent connecting rod is suspected.  The next step is completely undetermined.
     Medical update:  Durelle is still taking eye drops four times a day in the post-op phase of her last cataract surgery.  She has a pair of "readers" on her bedside table, in the living room, and in her purse.  My spinal injections seem to have been helpful, but the improvements have been underwhelming.  I got an MRI and a second opinion on the right shoulder.  I must give a "shout out" to Jensine Adams, my physical therapist who insisted that I get that second opinion.  The repair was only partly successful, and since I have almost complete functionality and pain is not an issue, surgery to repair the repair of 76 year old tendons does not hold out enough promise to warrant the surgery. I can do everything I need to do with the shoulder even if it is without the athleticism that I had a half century ago. 
     We are still trying to sort out our game plan for this summer.  We have reserved a spot at the Moorings for the summer, but the earliest that the Maine coast really becomes enjoyable for camping is the front end of June.  Durelle's brother has a 50th wedding anniversary in Massachusetts in April, and I have a 55th class reunion at West Point on the first weekend of May.  We could make the whole shebang with the motorhome, but it would be a bit earlier than we would prefer to head out.
     For those two or three readers who are still hanging in there, Thank You.  When we get out of the winter doldrums, perhaps I can generate a little more activity.
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