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Sunday, January 4, 2015

Non-travelling travel blog

     I don't mind if this vehicle occasionally becomes a food blog, but a medical blog is out of the question.  That said, here's a couple of quick updates.  This week I'll get an epidural cortisone shot in my lower spine.  Hey! it beats surgery.  Durelle's second cataract surgery is coming up, too.
     This morning one of "our" eagles pulled a bass out of our pond.  I did not capture that action, but I did catch him (her) sneaking a few bites before carrying the remainder back to the nest.

     It was at the extreme end of my telephoto in fairly dim light, so it was hard to get rid of all the motion even though the camera was stabilized against a fence post.
    The sunset pictures are easier.

     Here's hoping  for a healthy and prosperous 2015 for all of you.
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