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Wednesday, April 22, 2015

Big Cat

     Well, we're getting ready to head north.  The dining room table is covered with "stuff" that we have to find room for somewhere.  Tomorrow we go grocery shopping.  The loading begins.  I went over to check on the bus today, and hooked up the Jeep in order to fix the trailer lighting connections.  The new inverter is working just fine.  It ought to for $2.9K!  We'll pick the bus up Friday and park it in the driveway to begin loading.  This week has been a long list of doctor's appointments as we juggle our travel with the "two per year" routine visit limit  While I have been looking forward to the trip to have some blog material, this evening some blog material wandered into the back yard.

     This is NOT one of the neighbor's house cats.  I never saw one of the frequently-spotted cougars when we were in Colorado, but I have seen a Canadian lynx in the wild while fly fishing with my father between the 1st and 2nd Connecticut Lakes.  I'm 99% sure this is a bobcat.

     Durelle spotted him, and I grabbed the camera.  Neither of us have eyes good enough to make a real determination unaided.  My only hope was that the telephoto and the computer enhancement would permit a good identification.  I think you'll agree that this is not somebody's pet.  He surely saw me come out, but he did not spook and head into the bushes.  AND he looks pretty well fed.

     There is nothing for scale, but I feel sure that he is a foot and a half high.  He(?) is a handsome thing without an apparent enemy in the world.

     We are fortunate to have an assortment of critters in our back yard.  Here's one more picture to prove the point.

     Soon this will once more be a travel blog.
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