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Tuesday, April 7, 2015

Alligator Fence

     Signs of Spring.  The alligators are coming out, it's Easter and Durelle has started packing by loading up the dining room table.  As you know the Pecks are enjoying the use of our bus until next Sunday when they'll have to haul their well-warmed bones back up to Maine.  So that they would not go to Subway for Easter, we asked them to join us.

     It was a  simple dinner of a ham off the Treager grill, Durelle's mother's potato salad, and a butternut squash.  We'll be eating ham for a while.
     There are a lot of "critters in our backyard, but when the weather warms up you can count on the alligators showing up.  The first picture was taken before I could get to the fence to take his picture. 

     This is why we have a fenced in backyard for Baxter.  As I approached the fence he scrambled into the water.  He came back out of the water a few minutes later, and Durelle was able to take another picture over the fence.

     He's not a huge fellow, but he is about eight feet long.

     In a couple of weeks or so we'll be pulling up stakes and heading north.  Therefore the beginning of the collection of "stuff" to be loaded into the bus is starting to materialize on the dining room table.  I sure hope that it is also warming up in Maine.
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