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Saturday, September 26, 2015


     After exactly five months in the RV, I finally saw a sunrise!  That was due to a combination of circumstances.  Number one: retirement is for sunsets not sunrises.  If you get up before the paperboy, why are you retired?  Second; the sun is now dallying around until the almost civilized hour of six thirty.  Lately people have been showing me their sunrise pictures, and the summer here is slipping away.  So I decided last night that, if I woke up at an appropriate time, I would give it a shot.  Sure enough, when nature called, the clock said, "6:03".  I climbed out of bed as quietly as I could, answered Mother Nature and got dressed.  Without getting into the closet and awakening Durelle, I was limited to the shorts and polo shirt I had hung up the night before.  The pre-dawn temperature was 45 degrees...oh, well.  I turned on the quartz auxiliary heater in the bus, grabbed the camera, and headed out.

     The sun wasn't up yet so I sat my mini-tripod up on a picnic table for stability in low light and waited.  I counted five people and two dogs down on the beach at that obscene hour.

     At 6:29 the sun, moving as slowly as I had twenty minutes before, finally peeked up over the horizon.  It seemed to have the same reservations that I did about getting up at that hour.

     OK, been there...done that, so I headed back to the bus for a hot cup of dark roast coffee.  There's your sunrise pictures.  I hope you appreciate the sacrifice.
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