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Friday, September 4, 2015


     Thursday night Dick Roth did another lobster extravaganza.  The average weight was 1.8 pounds.  Supper was preceded by six or seven dozen mussels for those that were so inclined.  John Fare harvested the critters, I cooked them and Jackie Fare provided toasted French bread for dipping.  Corn was courtesy of Ann Dunn and cobbler with ice cream was provided by the Hansens and the Pecks.  As you can imagine, a lot of folks have to chip in to make it all happen.  Here was the aftermath this morning.

     Because the mussels were such a hit, Charlotte Hansen and Rosemarie Smith accompanied John down to the "mussel flats" to harvest some more of them.

     Today was the day that the windjammers were to show up in Camden.  It was a pleasant day with no clouds and a temperature in the mid 70s.  We saw them milling around outside the harbor and waited patiently for them to come into the harbor.

     After three hours they had not yet shown any inclination to to head into the harbor, so we headed for the harbor and the Waterfront Restaurant.  Shortly thereafter the procession began.  Of course the sails were furled.  Since these big guys don't have any engines, they are pushed into and out of the harbors by their tenders.  Look closely behind the stern to see the tender.

     We had a wonderful meal parked immediately adjacent to one of the windjammers.  

     'Twas another nice day.

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