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Thursday, October 8, 2015

Multiple Topics

     There are several events worth noting, but they have little in common other than being sequential.  So...resorting to the cowardly option of chronological order, I will begin with our closing days at the Moorings.The community was significantly diminished on the 28th of Sept. when the Roths left.

     That was also the day that we had a total eclipse of the moon.  What follows is a picture of a partial eclipse.  It's not a great picture, but it proves that I stayed up late enough to take one.

     We left on the first with an uneventful trip to Brookline, NH.  On the 2nd we met much of the Cloutier clan at Smokey Bones for supper.  Here's a picture of great granddaughter, Brielle, with her father.

     The picture was taken inside, in the evening, without flash, and it shows, but it is a nice father/daughter picture.  That's a root beer bottle.
     We left Brookline on the 5th and spent two wonderful days with the Fares.  First we had to tuck the bus into the reserved spot #1,

 while their Allegro was relegated to overflow.

     We took a local area tour, which included West Point, and a view of the NYC skyline about 50 miles to the south.

     We could also see the Bear Mountain Bridge and some of the Hudson River traffic.  

     We also discovered the spot on Baxter's back foot that had been spotting blood for a while.  The Fares found us a vet that made an almost immediate appointment and provided excellent service at a reasonable price.  Baxter's back right foot is bandaged because of a growth on the side of a toe pad that is almost the size of a toe pad.  We'll see what his regular vet says as soon as we can.
     Jackie sent us on our way with some excellent sandwiches.  We spent Wednesday night at Pine Grove, PA.  It's a good place we have used before with satellite for the first time in 48 hours.
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