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Thursday, October 1, 2015


     No pictures tonight.  We got in to Brookline, NH at six...well after Happy hour.  For those that would like some pictures of this place, please click on Field and Stream RV Park.  The day was uneventful, after we got started.  Yesterday's downpour and washouts precluded our grocery shopping, so we did it today.  We stopped a few hundred yards down the road to get some air in the fronts and had an boring (that's a good thing when you are driving) trip to NH.
     We'll get some family time with children, grand-children and great granddaughter, Brielle and have a more complete blog soon.
     We are in an alternate site from our reservation so we can get satellite TV (thanks, Dan).  Now Durelle can watch the Red Sox and the Yankees.  Cindy's safely home and all's right with the world.
     We miss our Moorings family and look forward with great anticipation to next year.
     Baxter is doing OK...eight more days of RV steps.
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