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Friday, January 15, 2016

Rock Star dog

     Check out Joe Cool!

     If it looks as if Baxter were enjoying himself, he really isn't.  His arthritic hind quarters are getting a bit wobbly.  He frequently slips and falls on the hardwood floor.  With some reluctance we are in the middle of a two week, MWF "laser" treatment.  I really don't believe that it's a laser.  I think I know enough about the physics of a laser to be very skeptical.  I think that the glowing red wand used to massage his hips for 6.5 minutes each is an infrared source with enough energy to do some deep heating.  Even the vet calls it a laser, but I don't believe it really is.
     Other dog owners I talked with in the waiting room said it worked on their dogs.  We'll give it a good try, but we haven't detected any changes yet.
     I'm still trying to find a small residential refrigerator to replace the one in the bus.  No luck yet, but apparently the main slide out has been repaired with some confidence.

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