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Saturday, January 30, 2016


   January started slowly.  The stock market was setting new lows.  The presidential campaigning couldn't be more depressing.  But, then, along came Madeleine, our second great granddaughter, on the 28th.  She was a week early, and she signed in at a strong 7.2 pounds and 21 inches.

     The mother is our granddaughter Melissa, and the ugly guy on the left, husband-Illia, is the slightly crazy Greek from Australia...and a welcome addition to the clan he is.  On Tuesday our first great granddaughter will be eleven!  When your youngest kid is a grandfather twice, it starts to put your life in perspective.  Perhaps some day I will get introspective and write down some profound pronouncements about my observations.  For the moment, however, I'll be happily content that everyone is doing well.  And life goes on as it is supposed to.
     I'll be flying up to New England in three weeks for an alumni ceremony, and I'll be able to sneak in a quick visit.

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