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Sunday, June 19, 2016

Cindy's Charleston

     While I've been sitting here whimpering and waiting to get headed north, I have not been making pictures or activities that would be blog fodder. My last picture, for heaven's sake, was of a gecko! Fortunately, we have a daughter who works on the edge of Charleston's historic district, appreciates the history of downtown Charleston, has a page designer's eye for composition, AND who loves to chalk up ten to twenty thousand clicks on her pedometer. So here are a half dozen or so of her most recent pictures. I'll start with one that has been on the AP wires of late...The Mother Emanuel church.

     Next is the Huguenot Church.

     And finally, Saint Philips.

     Charleston's nickname, as you may recall, is, "the Holy City". Sharing Cindy's walking around the district is the clip-clop of horses or mules pulling the many guided carriage rides throughout the city.

     Since this is about peak season for the blooming of the crepe myrtle, she took a couple of pictures of them.

    In addition, she took a picture of one of her favorite window boxes on King Street.

 I'll close with one of the iconic tombs in one of the local cemeteries. Remember John C. Calhoun?

     She may correct me, but I believe that all these pictures were taken yesterday.  I think that they represent an fine set of shots from one stroll around our city. By the way, the pictures were taken on Durelle's and my 56th anniversary!
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