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Wednesday, June 29, 2016

We are on the road!

         We are precisely 700 miles north of Hanahan. Yesterday was 310 miles, as planned; today was 390, which was not. Yesterday we got away at 1350! It was hectic and confused. From Thursday until Sunday the bus was in the driveway being loaded. Then I pulled the slides in so that I could back it out into the street where it could be level enough for the refrigerator. We heard a strange noise, and shortly thereafter, as I was turning on the propane, I discovered a half of a phenolic roller. So, Monday morning I called the shop so they could order the part. The part was $2.70; express, overnight shipping was $63.00, and the minimum one hour labor rate was $108.00. But, I was able to pick up the bus and leave there with the Jeep in tow about 1130. Then we finished loading the bus... mostly the refrigerator. Cindy was a magnificent help. Without her, we wouldn't have left until Wednesday.
     We arrived in Enfield, NC at 1905...310 miles in 315 minutes. Today we met the Wegners and the Looses for lunch in Marshall, VA where 17 meets I-66. It was a wonderful reunion with our first AirForce neighbors and mentors from 1960 and Cindy and Mark's next door babysitter from 1964. This morning we decided to make reservations ahead so we nailed down Lickdale, PA and Sturbridge, MA.

     For Jackie; here is the requisite picture. The bus turned 60,000 yesterday, so our total on class A's alone is over 350,000 miles. We'll be in Maine on the Friday before the fourth.
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