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Saturday, January 28, 2017

A Puzzle

     It seems that even when we aren't at the Moorings, we are enjoying it vicariously by doing picture puzzles of it.

     This was a Christmas present from Cindy. She used a favorite picture of hers from one of her morning walks last summer and sent it in to a company that made a puzzle out of it. It took Durelle a month to finish it. Even in the photo here you can see that there are MANY similarly shaped pieces and that there are several large, monochromatic areas. In spite of a wagging golden retriever tail, there are no missing pieces.
     If you are wondering if Mocha is having any difficulty accommodating a new household, I offer Exhibit A:

     I paid a visit to the bus at ProTech where they are tackling a laundry list of fixes that are being worked on in between other jobs in their full lot. There are two birds killed with one stone. They have a "hangar queen" to work on at their leisure, while I get a winters worth of storage. They have maintained the bus since we bought it ten years ago. A few readers will not be surprised to learn that the beast takes 28 quarts of diesel oil. They also replaced a burned out transfer switch which might explain some of my battery difficulties.
     I still doubt that I will drive it to Maine. I am now driving the Corvette regularly and feel entirely safe. If you watched me exit the vehicle, you might have your doubts, however. We'll defer that decision for a while, but I do have to accommodate the schedule of my alternate driver. By range of motion and other measurable improvements the knee is getting better. I know we are not done with the knee, but sometimes it is hard to separate what is knee and what is neuropathy.
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