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Sunday, January 15, 2017

January in Charleston

     It has been a pleasant month in Charleston. Two days ago we set a new record high temperature for the date...80 degrees! I am back to using the cane. It is not quite as stable as the walker, but it is a lot more convenient. The rejuvenated Corvette runs well. My half hour driving around the development at o/a ten MPH went well. Friday I drove it to PT with no problems. I'll try it again tomorrow. I am doing a lot of PT: MWF outpatient and twice a day for forty minutes each at home. I am seeing measurable progress in several areas. I can step over higher thresholds, and the range of motion continues to improve. If a perfectly straight leg is at 0 degrees and a knee bent at 90 degrees is at...wait for it...90 degrees, then my knee goes from 2 degrees to 115 degrees.
     Cindy has a coworker at the paper whose parents are also old Nashua, NH hands. During their latest visit a creative Sunday brunch was arranged at Edmund's Oast. It is one of the names that consistently appears at the top of the list of fine eating and drinking places in Charleston. 
     The food was all we expected. I ordered a "small" charcuterie plate for the table.

     I had a Trout Hollandaise. I had never heard of such a thing, but it was excellent. the sauce was not at all cheesy. Even Durelle's cheeseburger was far from pedestrian.

     Here's the requisite group photo.

     The place also has extensive outside service, both covered and uncovered.

     As we were leaving, I took a picture of a very appropriate motto. Actually, it may have been on an adjoining business, but it is a good one nonetheless.

     So, it's not spring yet, but things are brightening up...both the weather and my prognosis. Although the knee mechanics are improving, old man neuropathy is not giving up.
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