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Sunday, August 6, 2017


     Over the last 24 months Jeff Nester, the owner of the Moorings, has poured a bunch of capital into major improvements to the campground...all sites have sewer service...they all have 50Amps...the wifi is ample and dependable...the sites have been realigned and terraced. Now that the crucial infrastructure issues have been attended to, he is now dealing with some of the amenities. Today we all commissioned a new flagpole.

     We gathered at the top of the hill for breakfast pizzas and then assembled at the flagpole to raise the flag. Someone had the appropriate music on their smart phone with an external speaker.

     It wasn't the Marine Corps Drill Team, but we managed to pay the proper respects.

The second flag contains the seals of the five services. There is a fairly large contingent of former military folks here, including our campground general manager. We all appreciate the investment Jeff made in the pole and its accessories. It's a fitting addition to the campground.

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