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Monday, July 31, 2017

Frogmore Stew

     One of the serendipitous events in American history was the discovery the the pot and propane burner needed to cook up a pot of lobsters is exactly the same as is needed to make a Frogmore Stew. So, during the down-time between cooking lobsters, it seemed appropriate to round up the ingredients for Frogmore Stew. For the uninitiated, a Frogmore stew or Low-Country Boil if you prefer, is a single pot dish containing shrimp, sausage, corn, red potatoes, onions, lemons and an assortment of Zatarain Cajun spices and Old Bay seasoning. One of the two pots also got a tablespoon of Cayenne Pepper. The pots were labeled "Regular" and "Decaf". Once the seasoned water has come to a boil, the various ingredients go in the pot at various times...potatoes first and shrimp last. It becomes a community endeavor as the vegetable prep gets farmed out to different folks and everyone gets to add ingredients to the pot at the proper time.
     Here's Dick Roth and Liz Flood adding potatoes.

     This is Bernie Dunn and Lucy Lesage adding Sausage.

     And a good time was had by all.

       You'll note that the tables are covered with butcher paper. The stew is ladled out directly onto the tables and eaten with the fingers.

     After the cleanup, the southern sky and sea offered a wonderful pastel array of colors. Here's a few:

     The world can offer a wide assortment of exotic venues, but for me it doesn't get any better than this. And the company doesn't hurt either.
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