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Friday, May 14, 2010

Lickdale, PA

We are at Lickdale...but we arrived about three hours later than planned. When we pulled into the KOA in Enfield, NC last night I noticed that the right front corner of the bus was low. It appeared that either the air bag was deflated (air pressure was normal) or the ride height sensor or leveling valve were at fault. Good Sam sent out a guy who recycled the system while we were in our campsite and everything appeared normal. Things were also normal when we started up this morning. At a rest stop for the dogs at 1130 we parked at a spot with a significant slope to the right. The clearance between the right front tire and the fender was about four inches less than normal. I called the Freightliner Custom Chassis Corp. In Gaffney,SC. They made arrangements for me to drop in at a Freightliner shop in Fredericksburg, VA. They worked me in while we went to get lunch and visit Verizon to repair a bent pin in the connector between my new phone and its charger. Back at Freightliner it was the classic "cannot duplicate" dilemna. Adding an unscheduled three hours to a 400 mile day was not easy, but we managed fine. Happy hour and supper were a little late and the dogs were confused. We did stop in WV and fed and walked them at close to the normal time.
Tomorrow we have a 200 mile day to the parking lot of the Marriott in Tarrytown, NY. Before we leave tomorrw we will drain and flush the holding tanks and top off the fresh water tank as we are facing several days of dry camping AND more than the usual number of showers. We should have some good pictures for the next post.
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