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Friday, May 7, 2010

One week 'til departure

We have picked up the bus from ProTech. (Thanks Wayne and Diane for another nice job) We had three double pane windows replaced as they had lost their seals. The also replaced one of those awkward day-night shades. The dining room table is piled high as a staging area. We retrieve the bus from storage first thing Tuesday morning, plug it in to get the fridge cooled down and spend two days loading. It will be hot. We'll depart Thursday the 13th and stop in Enfield NC. The second day will take us to Lickdale, PA where we'll fill the water tank and flush the holding tanks in preparation for five days of dry camping with lots of showers. We'll be in the back of the Westchester Marriot for my 50th reunion.
The pictures were all taken, one right after the other, while standing in the same spot in the back yard. The killdeer is sitting on her nest on the ground.

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