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Wednesday, August 18, 2010

200th Post

No pictures tonight. It was a busy day, but I didn't take the camera. Today Phil Andrews and I traveled 80 miles one way to a lot on Pleasant River Lake to do some surveying. Of all my thousands of readers, I'd bet that very few know that "bush" is a verb. It is not a political term. The verb "to bush" is a surveying term. "Bushin' out a line means to grab your machete and bush ax and hack a path through the brush so that you can see from point A to point B on a survey. While there may be an easily navigated route from A to B, the line of sight route for purposes of measuring the bearing and distance will never coincide with the walkable route. See "Murphy: 32.1". We bushed two routes through the brush; one of 300 feet and one of 400 feet.
We also took a number of other bearings to confirm that the magnetic declination had changed by a degree and a half in the past forty years. Phil is 77 and he walked my a** off. I doubt that there is a person in the campground that could keep up with him in the woods.
Durelle played golf today at Northport (see yesterday's post). She shot a 47 and was generally happy with the day. We had a Happy Hour that was light on hors d"ouvres. There was a major lunch and a trip to Dorman's in Rockland for ice cream that rendered most folks less than hungry. We are now in a semi-crash mode while wondering if we want to watch the completion of the Red Sox game.
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