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Saturday, August 7, 2010

Surveying with Phil Andrews

Today, like a day last year, I accompanied Phil Andrews as he traveled "down east" to Beddington and to Machias, Maine. The purpose of the trip, which was accomplished successfully, was to investigate a few lots in preparation for a formal surveying. The lots had to be found and markers located so that we could go back and officially mark the bounds and corners of the lots. One of the lots was located on Pleasant River Lake in Beddington. That's the first two pictures. The owners had a three year old male Golden, and I couldn't pass up a good Golden picture. The other two lots to be checked were in Roque Bluffs, a very small town near Machias. We left the campground at 0800 and got back at 1630. The second two pictures were taken at Roque Bluffs State Park. The final picture shows our erstwhile friend, forester and surveyer, Phil Andrews. It was a classic Maine summer day. At 0700 the temperature was 47 degrees, but it warmed up to 72 before the day was over. We drove about 250 miles, and I drove the second half. Lunch was at the "Blueberry Ranch Restaurant". Is that Maine enough for you?
While we were gone, Durelle and Carole Andrews visited a craft shop on route 3 west of here. Only minor damage was done to the checkbook.
When we got back, there was just time to feed and walk the dogs and fix a snack for Happy Hour. Recent arrivals included Steve and Toni Wells (and Max) and Raymond Cloutier from Quebec. He seems to know a lot more Cloutier genealogy than I do.
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